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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 3

24th June 1916 - Worcester woman mentioned in despatches

Rolling Casualty Count: 3290

At the Front:

1st Batt: Batt marched from Fleches at 9.0am and reached Lillers at 12.30pm, entrained at 2.30pm for Longaceau near Amiens, arriving at 9.30pm. They then marched to billets in St Sauveur about 5 miles west of Amiens, arriving in billets at 4.00am next day.

2nd Batt: Artillery bombarded the enemy who retaliated little except around Batt HQ. Later the enemy blew up a long, shallow mine just in front of their own wire. During the night our Lewis guns kept open any hostile gaps near the new crater.

2rd Batt: Batt marched to new billets at Benevil.

4th Batt: GOC 88th Brigade gave his views on the forthcoming attack to all Batt Cos at 10.00am. Battle stores were issued to the Coy, eg trench mortars, bombs, picks, shovels etc. Artillery attacked the German wire.

10th Batt: A steady bombardment continued under the CE 3 Corps and our guns. A 12 inch naval gun took up its position on the railway line about 20 yards from our camp and fired shells all day.

SMD RFA: The first day of the bombardment. D Battery started firing at 5.00am, firing 480 rounds during the day and 80 rounds at night. One round went off prematurely wounding 3 men.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: Soon after dark the Brigade left the bivouacs and marched to Imalaga. During the night several large bonfires were lit to deter the enemy from attacking.

On the Home Front:

Bromsgrove Urban - Midland Railway Workmen’s Complaint - A member directed attention to a number of cases of workmen employed at the Midland Railway Wagon Works and in which the appelants were appealing on domestic grounds. He complained that married men were being liberated by the company for military service, while single and younger men were allowed to remain starred as indispensable, although they were doing precisely the same work. He thought it should be an accepted principle that single men should go first.

Missing Worcester Motor Van – Recovered at Solihull - At the City Police Court today Walter Cyril Edney (22) chauffeur of no fixed abode, was charged with stealing from a motor shed in Bank Street, a 20 h/p Ford motor delivery van and four tins containing petrol, the property of Messrs Russell and Dorrell, Worcester. The Chief Constable said that the van was in a garage in Bank Street. The prisoner who was formerly employed by the prosecuting firm was seen to go to the garage on Wednesday June 14th and to drive away with the van. It was not missed until the next morning. The police issued circulars in the surrounding counties. A few days afterwards the van was taken to an inn at Solihull, the landlord being called up after he had gone to bed for some water for the motor. When he came down the next morning, he found the van there, but there was nobody in charge of it. He informed the police who had heard of the theft in Worcester. He asked for a remand for a week for further enquiries. Granted.

Recruiting - Any man desirous of Joining the Army prior to being called up in his group or class should make application to the recruiting officer at one of the following Towns nearest his home and give information as to age and occupation, whether married or single.

WORCESTER, STOURBRIDGE, DUDLEY, PERSHORE Norton Barracks, Worcester 19th June, 1916

Bromsgrove Territorials Death Private A E Turner, Worcestershire Regiment (Territorial Forces) of 10 Peter’s Finger, Worcester Street, Bromsgrove died in No 4 London General Hospital on Sunday from Shell Shock. As stated last week deceased was admitted to hospital on 8th and subsequently was brought over to this country. Private Turner who was 21 years of age, was in the 5th Worcestershires for three or four years, and then joined the Royal Field Artillery. His father bought him out, but when war was declared he enlisted in the local territorials. He went on active service with his battalion over a year ago. The funeral took place at Bromsgrove this (Saturday) afternoon at 2.30pm. The Town Band, wounded soldiers from Blackwell Sanatorium, the Volunteer Training Corps, the Ambulance Corps and the Boy Scouts attended.

Worcester Lady ‘Mentioned’ Sister E B Needham, a daughter of Mr W B Needham of Worcester, is among those nurses mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig’s despatches for distinguished services. Miss Needham received her training at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, was a ward sister, and later the matron’s junior assistant. She was a member of the Territorial Force Nursing Service, 2nd Southern General Hospital and is at present Acting-Matron on a hospital ship.

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