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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 1

8th June 1916 - End of Voluntary Enlistment

Rolling Casualty Count: 3263

At the Front:

2nd Batt: Batt allotted swimming baths am an pm. Left for trenches at 5.30pm and guides met them at Cambrin Cauron to take them to the subsection. Relief completed at 11.30pm.

3rd Batt: Batt inspected by GOC 25th Division.

9th Batt: The 39th Brigade was moved southward some 4 miles into the desert to a position known as the “Twin Canals,” where they pitched camp and settled down to the work of entrenchment.. This work continued steadily for many days in the intense heat.

SMD RFA: In the evening, D Battery went into position south west of Hebuterne.

On the Home Front:

Worcester Assizes – White Gloves in the City – Mr Justice Bray opened the Assizes in the City today. He first attended service at the Cathedral, being accompanied by the High Sheriff for the County (Mr J. Bowen) The City Jury had been summoned, but as there were no cases they were notified later that they need not attend. The City High Sheriff presented the Judge with a pair of white gloves, saying that there was an absence of crime in the City. The Judge congratulated the City upon the absence of crime and then proceeded to the Shirehall to open the Commission for the County.

Hereford and Worcester Show – Champion Awards – Because of the war the show of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Agricultural Society held at Hereford today, was confined to one day. It was held in the Cattle Market and the fields adjoining. The gate was naturally a small one, though satisfactory in the circumstances. Considering the adverse conditions, the total entry was regarded as being good.

End of Voluntary Enlistment – The voluntary system of recruiting is now suspended. Wednesday was the last day allowed to married men of military age for attestation under the Derby group system and those who have not attested will be brought into the Army by compulsion. The operation is to be completed by July 24th. In London the recruiting stations were not exceptionally busy .Most of the married men had already attested. But, as usual, the eleventh hour came before some made up their minds to enlist voluntarily rather than wait to be compelled to serve. The full effect of the call to the colours on industrial and social life will not be apparent for some time.

Information researched by the WWW100 team