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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 2

15th June 1916 - Worcester Sergeant’s DCM

Rolling Casualty Count: 3274

At the Front:

2nd Batt: Batt was allotted the foot-baths.

4th Batt: Three large working parties were found and at 1.0pm when tasks were complete, men moved to Engelbelmer. During the night, 250 men worked filling in cable trenches. Brig Major SC Sanhouse-Clare arrived.

9th Batt: Outposts and patrols were the main work as Arabs were sniping and stealing stores, food and rifles.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: news arrived that General Sir E Allenby had been appointed to command the Egyptian Expeditionary Force-a Red-letter day for the army in Palestine.

On the Home Front:

Local News – Trades and Labour Council – At Wednesday’s meeting when Mr J Smith presided, the question of Sunday delivery of letters in the City was again brought forward on the report of the deputation to the General Purposes Committee of the City Council. The report gave every satisfaction, as a letter had now been received from the Town Clerk stating that, after making enquiries, the Postmaster General has decided not to pursue, at any rate for the present, the question of abolishing Sunday deliveries generally.

Oddfellows’ Conference – Worcestershire Lodge’s Loss – On the proposals of Unity Relief, the meeting agreed a grant of £30 per annum for ten years and a special grant of £50 to the Stanford and Shelsey Lodge, Bewdley District, towards a deficiency in the funds caused by an alleged fraudulent solicitor, in connection with an investment of £700.

Messrs Williamson's War Fund – 100 Parcels for Fighting Employees – The Canister Department, Messrs Williamson & Sons, Providence Works, have now forwarded the 100th parcel to shopmates serving at the front. As each parcel usually contains a shirt, socks, handkerchief, cigarettes and sweets, and is valued approximately at 6s, it may be imagined that they are very exceptional. The scheme consisting of a weekly collection in the shops, was inaugurated by Mr W Court, one of the foreman of the works. The first parcel was sent out on December 4th 1915.

Worcester Sergeant’s DCM – Regimental Sergeant Major Tolley of the Worcestershire Regiment , has been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery and gallantry in the field. He is well known in Worcester military circles. For 21 years he was at Norton Barracks and retired in 1911 with the rank of Colour Sergeant. On the outbreak of war he immediately rejoined his regiment and went to Gallipoli, in which campaign he was twice wounded.

Worcester Sailor Lost – Information has been received that Able Seaman Frank Maddox has lost is life “while on one of H.M ships on war service”. He was the son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Maddox of Regent Place, St, Johns, Worcester. He had served in the Navy for a number of years and had nearly completed his time. He had been in many parts of the world. He was aged 29 and unmarried.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.