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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 3

21st June 1916 - Memorial to Fladbury Officer

Rolling Casualty Count: 3285

At the Front:

1st Batt: More training under Batt organization. Batt received a draft of 27 other ranks.

2nd Batt: A good deal of shelling during the night including some gas shells.

4th Batt: Working parties detailed to take “Rogers,” Gas Cylinders to the trenches during the night. Second Lts Wyatt, Woodhead and Croom-Lohnson proceeded to the 29th Div School.

On the Home Front:

Worcestershire Policeman Fined – For Comments on Kitchener’s Death – At Bromsgrove on Tuesday, Frederick Hill, a policeman stationed at Sidemoor, was charged under the Defence of the Realm Act, with having made statements likely to cause disaffection to the King and to prejudice recruiting. As a member of the Worcestershire Police Force for 23 years, the charge was a very serious one. The offence was aggravated by the fact that it was committed whilst the defendant was wearing his uniform and was on duty. Alan Farr who lived nearly opposite called to the defendant did he know of the drowning of Lord Kitchener. The defendant said “yes and a damn good job too, if him and all his clique had gone down” The witness said that he did not agree with him and the defendant then said “Lord Kitchener was only a murderer and added that they would have to walk over his dead body before they took his son”. The Chairman said the Bench could not inflict a less penalty than a fine of £10 and two months imprisonment.

Gallant Fladbury Officer – Memorial Dedicated by the Bishop –The Bishop of Worcester on Tuesday dedicated in Fladbury Churchyard a monumental cross erected by Mr and Mrs J Francis of The Brooklands, Fladbury, to the memory of their son, Captain John Francis of the 5th Batallion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, who was killed by a sniper in France in June 1915. Captain Francis was well known in the Fladbury District, he was a member of the golf club and spent a good deal of time in the neighbourhood, his death was much lamented by friends and the family and the parishioners.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.