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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 1

20th June 1916 - Appeal for furniture for Women Land workers

Rolling Casualty Count: 3282

At the Front:

2nd Batt: Enemy shelled junctions of the communication trenches. At about 4.40pm, the enemy blew a small mine on the southern lip of RWF craters but no damage was done to the battery or Saps and no casualties sustained. Batt relieved by the 9th HLI and returned to barracks in Annequin.

4th Batt: much firing from the enemy by day on one of the Batteries behind Engelbelmer

SMD RFA: A,B and C Coys continuing with digging and supplying areas with large amounts of ammunition.

On the Home Front:

To the Editor – An Appeal – Dear Sir, Will you kindly make it known through the medium of your paper, that the Women’s Farm Labour Sub-Committee has had the offer of several empty cottages for the extra women workers who are required upon the land, but is unable to utilise these cottages at present for want of furniture. We have one case in which furniture is urgently required at the moment. I should be most grateful, therefore, if anyone who could lend beds, chairs, tables, crockery etc., for this most patriotic purpose, would communicate with me at the Shirehall. I could then make arrangements for the furniture to be fetched. Mary A. Partington, Hon. Secretary Women’s Farm Labour Sub Committee. Shirehall 20th June 1916.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.