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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 8

1st June 1916 - New paper collection scheme proposed

Rolling Casualty Figure:3227

At the Front:

1st Batt: Still holding Angres 2 trench. Considerable rifle grenade and trench mortar activity plus heavy artillery fire.

2nd Batt: batt at Jardin des sports at Annezin, There is PT before breakfast and Co drill training in handling arms, musketry and bayonet fighting. Heavy gun fire in the direction of Souchez.

3rd Batt: relieved from trenches by 6th Seaforth Highlanders-heavy shelling day and night delayed the relief. Batt to billets in Ecoivres. Casualties while in the trenches were 2 officers wounded, 7 other ranks killed and 10 wounded.

4th Batt: Batt in the firing line at White City. A great deal of work done especially constructing bridges as overhead cover in all the communication trenches. Two gas alarm horns were placed at White City and in the firing line. Gen Cayley visited the firing line.

10th Batt: Batt took part in an attack on the St Riquier training area and this continued for several days.

11th Batt: Batt in Salonika, Macedonia taking part in intensive training. Neighbourhood looks like an English training ground now.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: After a short halt at Esani, the Reg moved forward at 3.00am in thick fog towards its appointed station on each side of Imalaga, where it established a line of Observation posts.

SMD RFA: Uneventful day at Couin. A Battery preparing position in 29th Div and B and C in 4th Div area.

On the Home Front:

Worcester City Council –At next Tuesday’s meeting of the City Council, Ald. Carlton will move: “That in the opinion of this Council it is desirable to organise a scheme for the collection and sale of refuse paper; and that the streets committee be asked to reconsider the question whether such a scheme can be successfully worked under the altered circumstances of the present time”

To the Editor - Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment – Sir, - I send you herewith a copy of a letter which is just being issued by Lord Coventry, as President and Col. A.H. Hudson, as Regimental Commandant, to all men in this Regiment, and they will be obliged by your kindly inserting it, with this letter, in your correspondence column, and by your doing anything you can to urge men of past military age who have not joined, and men of military age who are exempt from service, to become member of the Regiment. J. Livingstone Wood, Regimental Hon. Secretary

In The Corner – Everybody knows the famous advertisement - “Two years ago I used your soap, since when I have used no other”. It was recalled by an incident at a Droitwich Tribunal yesterday. One applicant pleaded a wife suffering from acute rheumatism. Had she tried Droitwich Baths asked the Chairman. “Yes” replied the applicant “and she’s never walked since”. The remedial efficacy of Droitwich brine is too well established to be affected in reputation by one exceptional experience, but it was amazing to hear such a statement within the sight of the famous Baths. Perhaps the lady, like the writer of the soap testimonial did not persevere.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.