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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 1

16th June 1916 - The Petrol Census - advice for farmers

Rolling Casualty Count: 3275

At the Front:

1st Batt: Batt marched at 8.30am to Flchin. The billets are good but very scattered. Weather better-no rain!

2nd batt: Batt relieved the 9th HLI at Auchy. Capt Underhill joined the Batt.

4th Batt: Ten officers and 750 men worked to build tramway lines and deepen dug-outs.

10th Batt: Brig CC Onslow CMG assumed command of the 57th Infantry Brigade.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: Gen Fitzgerald, commanding the 5th Mounted Brigade hatched a plan to capture enemy patrols or anyone found in a wide slice of territory occupied by the Turks and Bedouins during the night . Several mounted columns were to march in a fan shape and at dawn to sweep back again between El Buggar Ridge and the Wadi Ghuzze.

On the Home Front:

Death in Bransfield Field – At Bransford this afternoon Mr G F S Brown held an inquest into the death of George Foxall (70) no fixed abode. Evidence was given that the man was too old to work and lived on what people gave him. He was found dead in a field at Bransford near the railway bridge. Medical evidence showed that the body was not well nourished, but there were no signs of starvation. Death was due to heart disease.

Body Found in Canal – The body of a man named George Wedgbury aged 63 from Gregory Mill Street, has been recovered from the Canal at Porter’s Mill, near Worcester. He had been missing from his home since Saturday last. He had been employed at the Vulcan for 32 years. An inquest will be held on Saturday morning.

The Petrol Census – Important to Farmers – With regard to the Petrol Census, which is being conducted by the Petrol Supplies Committee of the Board of Trade, all users of motor spirit are requested to furnish a return of their consumption, stock and estimated requirements, and forms for the purpose may obtained from any money order office. Farmer should note that these forms must be returned on or before June 20th. The Board of Agriculture point out that if farmers who use petrol do not return the forms within the specified period they will be guilty of a summary offence against the Defence of the Realm Regulations.

Lord Kitchener’s Death – Report of the Enquiry – The Final Scene – The Secretary of the Admiralty has issued for publication the conclusions arrived at as a result of the inquiry held into the loss of the Hampshire with Lord Kitchener and his Staff. The 12 survivors were examined at the enquiry. In forwarding the report of the inquiry John Jellicoe, Commander in Chief pf the Grand Fleet says:- “I cannot adequately express the sorrow felt my be personally and by the officers and men of the Grand Fleet generally at the fact that as distinguished a soldier and so great a man should have lost his life when under the care of the Fleet”. The conclusions arrived at concerning the circumstances of the disaster are as follows:-

The Hampshire was proceeding along the west coast of the Orkneys; a heavy gale was blowing, with the sea breaking over the ship, between 7.30 and 7.45pm the vessel struck a mine and begun at once to settle by the bow, keeling over to starboard, before she finally went down 15 minutes later. Orders were given by the Captain for all hands to go to their established stations for abandoning ship. Efforts were made without success to lower some of the boats, one of them being broken in half during the process and her occupants thrown into the water. No one was able to say whether Lord Kitchener was able to get into a boat or not.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.