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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 0

9th June 1916 - 1st Bn Worcestershire Reg suffer heavy shelling, but little damage to trenches

Rolling Casualty Count: 3263

At the Front:

1st Batt: At 4.00 pm the batt relieved the 2nd E Lancs in Ancres 2, one platoon to each Co as before, 2 Coy in front line plus 1 platoon in support and 1 Coy in Reserve. Heavy shelling but little damage to the trenches.

2nd Batt; Enemy was working hard in the small, new crater opposite Sap 1. Our artillery shelled them all pm.

4th Batt: batt practiced attack on Brigade training Ground am. Fatigue parties working in Achense Wood and Acheux Quarry working on the water supply and the Railway Crossing.

On the Home Front:

Enemy Rejoices in Kitchener’s Death – The Hague – Thursday – Germany is having a feast of Schadenfreudo (malicious joy) gloating over it’s “victory” at sea over the death of Lord Kitchener. Except for a few glib and transparently hypocritical comments about the “respect due to a great man who was the hope of his country” Lord Kirchener’s tragic fate is greeted with frank delight by the greater part of the German Press.

How Lloyd George Escaped – A story which (the “Manchester Guardian” says) is confirmed by those in a position to know the facts is that but for his acting as mediator in the Irish question, Mr Lloyd George would have been with Lord Kirchener on HMS Hampshire. It is said that the visit to Russia was planned some time ago and that he was to have formed one of the mission. But his work in connection with the Home Rule settlement prevented his going and his place was taken by another representative of the Ministry of Munitions.

To the Editor – Conscientious Objectors – Sir, I am very sorry to have to say it, but the tone of the letter of Mr Hewitt of the Moodkee House, Malvern, leads me to the conclusion that he is no respecter of conscience, which is the inner or self-knowledge one preceeds the judgement of right and wrong. He looks upon conscientious objectors as “cowardly curs” I have been told that in some cases they have been rather roughly handled, put in irons etc. Can they rightly be called cowards when they endure such treatment and also the scoffs and sneers that are thrown at them, in order to be loyal to their conscience. A Sympathiser

Information researched by the WWW100 team.