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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 2

12th June 1916 - Worcester Driver’s Choice - Damage or Death

Rolling Casualty Count: 3267

At the Front:

1st Batt: A and C Coys were relieved by the 19th London Regiment and went to billets at Fosse 10.

2nd Batt: Batt relieved by 9th HLI and proceeded to billets in Annequin South.

10th Batt: batt marched to Dernancourt via Behencourt, Franviullers and the main Albert Road with a midday halt for dinner about 3 miles from the destination. Batt encamped in 3 fields and will be at the disposal of the CE3 Corps and heavy artillery. This small village resembles a bee-hive. The number of troops in this place is an object lesson in systematic, but hygienic overcrowding!

On the Home Front:

Comforts for Worcestershire Regiment – The Earl of Coventry (Lord Lieutenant) and Sir Richard Temple Worcestershire Territorial Association appeal for further support to the fund for comforts for the Worcestershire Regiment on active service. The fund was organised by Mrs Wodhouse and other ladies of the Regiment and has already sent “comforts” to our County regiments serving with the Expeditionary forces since September 1914.

Worcester Driver’s Choice Damage or Death – About 3.30 this afternoon Albert Jones, 44, Easy Row, Worcester, was driving a motor lorry (belonging to Messrs J.L. Larkworthy & Co) from the direction of Barbourne. As he was about to turn intro Pierpoint Street an old lady commenced to cross the road. He shouted to her, but she paid no heed. The driver had to choose between knocking down (and possibly killing) the old lady or running into the electric light standard at the corner of the street. He ran the lorry into the standard and the impact broke it at the base. It heeled over, but did not fall. It was propped up temporarily until the arrival of the men from the Electricity Department. No one was injured.

Accident at Spetchley – A serious accident occurred on Friday at Spetchley. Mrs Fanny Kaley, who has lived for some years at the house of Mr Page of White Ladies Aston, was driving a horse and cart belonging to Mr Page and in turning a very sharp corner (where there was an accumulation of refuse etc) the cart was overturned. Miss Kaley and her girl companion were thrown out. The companion escaped with bruises on the head and arms, but unhappily Miss Kaley’s skull was fractured. She was conveyed home in a motor car, she lies in a critical condition.

City Police Court – Lighting Order – George Gascoyne, 4 Barbourne Terrace, was summoned for contravening the Lighting Order in respect to the lighting of his offices at 23 Sansome Street. P.C. Mason said that the light, which came from the electric bulb, shone on to the buildings opposite. Mr Gascoyne was fined 10s.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.