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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 1

19th June 1916 - Worcester man describes fighting at Jutland

Rolling Casualty Count: 3281

At the Front:

1st Batt: A Divisional day of training practicing in advancing on a position and consolidating that position. Also training on inter-communication between ground and aeroplanes.

10th Batt: Capt DMR Sole is appointed 2nd in Command of the Batt and granted the rank of major in the absence of Major Lord AG Thynne.

SMD RFA: A, B and C Batteries were to have gone into position but this was cancelled.

On the Home Front:

Worcestershire and the War - Spectator and Naval Fight - Bert Humber, a nephew of Mr G Humber of 1 Wood Terrace, Sansome Walk, and formerly a fireman on the G.W Railway, was on one of the ships which took part in the Jutland Battle. He writes: “It was simply marvellous how this ship came through without being hit, as we were in the thickest of it. Great praise is due to our captain for the way in which he manouvered the ship. I was one of the lucky ones who witnessed the engagement, some of the sights being glorious, and others quite the reverse. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. From the start until the finish it was nothing but a continual roar of heavy guns. The work that the smaller boats, such as light cruisers and destroyers, accomplished was far more dangerous than our work, and the way they did it proved to all that the fighting blood still ran in the British sailor’s veins. Have no fear, we won last week and shall win again as soon as they like to come out”.

A Knitting Hint – Women everywhere are so busy with knitting needles and crochet hooks that a little hint on how to join two strands of wool in the neatest way may be useful to many. Instead of knotting the wools, which spoils the appearance of the article concerned, thread a new strand through a large eyed darning needle or bodkin and draw the needle through the end of the used up wool. On withdrawing it, the new and the old strands will thus be linked together. The wool at the united part will work a little thicker, of course, but the effect is much neater than a know.

Important Property Sale at Worcester – One of the most important sales of property held in recent years took place at the Star Hotel, when the estate of the late John Armstrong was submitted to public auction. It was observed that it was rarely that so many lots belonging to the same estate were submitted for sale at the time and unique to have a sale containing so many lots of such diverse character. There was something to satisfy everybody from the cottager to the multi-millionaire. Most of the properties were purchased by Mr Armstrong and were not inherited. Some people thought it was a bad time to sell properties; if that were so, it was a good time to buy them.

Worcestershire and the War – Miss Byrne’s Distinction - At the City Police Court today the Mayor, on behalf of the Magistrates, congratulated the Chief Constable upon his daughter being honoured in Sir D Haig’s despatch. He said that they were always pleased when any official of the City, or their families were singled out for distinction. The Chief Constable thanked the Mayor and said that his daughter would have told them that she had only done her duty.

Soldier’s Hospital at Malvern – Opened by Adeline Duchess of Bedford – In connection with the Order of St John of Jerusalem in England “Ashfield” formerly the residence of Lady Godson was opened as a hospital for wounded soldiers by Adeline Duchess of Bedford.

Alleged Bogus VC – At the City Police Court today, Arthur Morgan of no fixed address, was charged that, being a person required to furnish to Edna Nicholls, Sidbury, a boarding house keeper, as required by the Allies’ Restriction Order, he gave false information. The Chief Constable asking for a remand, said that a few days ago the defendant went to the boarding house, saying that he was chauffeur for a gentleman staying at the Star Hotel. On the following day, when asked to fill up the registration paper, he gave the name of Oswald Swift, and said that he had gained the V.C. and the D.C.M. D.S. Handley had made enquiries and found that those statements were untrue and that Swift was not the man’s name. Therefore he was liable to arrest. The Bench remanded the man for a week.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.