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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 3

3rd June 1916 - Serious outbreaks of swine fever hits Midlands

Rolling Casualty Figure: 3232

At the Front:

1st Batt: Much work being carried out at night repairing trenches and re-erecting wire. Nightly patrols found the enemy very quiet except for occasional machine gun fire at wiring parties.

4th Batt: Erection of cover bridges continued in all trenches. A raid was carried out by the 36th Brigade on the part of the German trenches called The Hawthorns Redoubt. They discharged Bungalow Torpedoes thus cutting the wire. At 12,45am the party entered the German trenches and found them empty but they did not venture to the 2nd line. A few boards were brought back which gave the information that the 119th Reserve Reg were holding those trenches. Germans retaliated by bombing White City and 2 huts were hit. There were 11 men killed and 2nd Lt New and 27 other ranks were wounded. Raiders returned at 1.00am and firing ceased at 1.30am.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: Brigade in bivouac camp. News that The Bucks Yeomanry had suffered considerable casualties from enemy aircraft while watering the horses at Shellal.

On the Home Front:

Animal Diseases in the Midlands – Returns received by the Board of Agriculture show that in the five weeks ended Saturday last, there were 633 outbreaks of swine fever, including 9 in Derbyshire, 15 in Gloucestershire, 5 in Notts, 5 in Oxfordshire, 13 in Shropshire, 23 in Staffordshire, 6 in Monmouthshire, 7 in Northants, 13 in Warwickshire and 11 in Worcestershire. In the same period of five weeks there were two outbreaks of anthrax in Warwickshire.

Concert at Battenhall – At Battenhall Mount Hospital on Friday evening Mr J. Baylis (Organiser to Lady Hindlip) took a capable concert party and gave an excellent entertainment to the wounded soldiers, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Mr Baylis contributed largely to the programme. He is an accomplished pianist, an agreeable vocalist and a clever violinist.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.