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Key dates over June 1916

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Lives lost on this day: 2

14th June 1916 - Officers' billets insufficient for 1st Bn Worcestershires

Rolling Casualty Count: 3272

At the Front:

1st Batt: Marched at 9.15am via Pernes to Fiefs arriving at 1.30pm. The officers` billets are insufficient.

3rd Batt: batt marched to Bonnieres on the way to the 4th Army Area.

4th Batt: There was more training in the presence of Gen de Lisle and the Corps CO Sir Hunter Weston.O

Orders were received to move to Engelbelmr tomorrow to relieve the South wales Borderers. 2nd Lt V Johnson rejoined the Batt.

10th Batt: The 57th Brigade is arriving in “dribblets”-three quarters so far.

On the Home Front:

Worcestershire and the War – Over a Quarter of a Million Eggs Collected at Worcester – Six hundred and fifty eggs were collected at the Guildhall during the week ending Saturday, as against 630 the previous week. Kempsey sent 193, a splendid collection considering the present price of eggs.

Of What we Make Alarms – Remarkable Incident at Barnt Green – Barnt Green was the scene of two remarkable incidents during the weekend. A parcel containing about 10lb of gelignite dynamite cartridges was found on the railway line near the station on Friday evening and on Sunday morning a goods train was derailed as a result of a pure accident. Rumour naturally associates the two occurrences, but we are assured by the police that there is no connection between them. During the passage of a train from Bristol to Birmingham some men of the working class type were noticed by other people in the train to be handling the packet of explosives and were startled to see it hurled from the window. When the packet was picked up it was found to that the explosive was not in a condition to be dangerous. The men were detained. Their explanation was that they were in the habit of using the cartridges in connection with blasting operations. They were allowed to proceed on their journey.

Information researched by the WWW100 team.