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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 4

24th September 1914 - Call for Soldiers' comforts

Killed: 3rd Battalion - Pte. William Stephen Garvey 10094; Pte. Alfred Hodgetts 7339; Pte. Joseph Wallis 8331; 6th Battalion - Pte William James Parry 13457

2nd Batt: in billets at La Cour des Moines to rest and refit. Employed entrenching a second position. Standing by ready to reinforce. (From 22-28 Sept);

3rd Batt: relieved by Lancs regt and moved to billet at Augy.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £3200;

The Mayoress is sending weekly ‘small parcels of comforts’ to the soldiers at the front (Worcs Regts) and the Navy and would be grateful for gifts from citizens.

Things required for the Army: socks, helmets with ear-holes, mufflers (long), khaki, grey or natural flannel shirts, cholera belts, tobacco, soap, Vaseline, boracic ointment, pencils & paper.

For the Navy: Helmets (knitted), woollen comforters 8in. by 50in., navy blue, natural or grey, thick woollen mitts (without separate fingers), thick worsted socks and stockings, Thermos flasks.

Such gifts to be delivered to the Old Council Chamber, Guildhall on Tues, Wed, Fri mornings between 11:30 and 12:30;

Mr H Millward, a grandson of Mr Willis Bund, has been undergoing instruction at Norton. He was awaiting a commission, but his patriotism was so keen that he could wait no longer, and has joined the Regiment as a private