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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

6th September 1914 - Battle of the Marne. French forces, with British support, stop the German advance through northern France only a short distance from Paris and launch a counter-attack. Battle continues until 10 September.

2nd Batt: Marched 3 miles E of Marles. By 9am troops in touch with Germans and shell fire commenced. No 15 Platoon heavily shelled but no casualties. Orders to hold on if attacked. 2: 30 pm Germans reported to have retired N and firing ceased;

3rd Batt: bivouacked at Farmoutiers; 15,000 British Casualties, 'More men are needed'.

Lord Cobham's eldest son, Capt the Hon J.C. Lyttelton MP is with the Worcestershire Yeomanry, his nephews, Reverends Neville Talbot and E. Talbot have offered their services as chaplains to the troops on active service;

Pte G. Kimpton 10617 of the Worcs Regt was the only Worcester casualty amongst men admitted at Netley Hospital;

Record day at Norton Barracks: 222 recruits passed the doctor, brings total recruits to over 3000;

Sir Harry Vernon asked Mr. Wall, the city Surveyor to urge any men under him who were eligible to serve with the colours to enlist: The roads could wait, he said, the men would be much better employed serving their country than in 'fiddling' about with the edge of the roads;

The members of the Red Cross Society arranged to use part of Hartlebury Castle for the wounded or convalescence;

The Bishop's chauffeur, Collings, a Quartermaster Sgt of Marines, had been called to the Front. The Bishop was left with neither car nor carriage and "...must ask the Diocese to bear with me if I am not so often at disposal in distant parts."