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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

13th September 1914 - Battle of the Aisne. German armies stop Franco-British counter-attack astride the River Aisne. The first trenches begin to appear in France. The battle lasts until 15 September.

2nd Batt: Crossed the River Aisne (bridge destroyed) at 3pm, shelled until 6pm. Arrived heights of Moussy at 10pm and took up best possible position;

3rd Batt: Left Cerseuil for Braine. Put on reserve.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: nearly £2850;

How to cook a German sausage: Cook on a bit of Kitchener, in a Japan enamel saucepan, grease well with Russian tallow, flavour with a little Jellicoe, "Servia" up with French capers and Brussels' "Scouts";

Yeomanry Recruiting – About 165 recruits have been enrolled to take the places of those members of the Regiment who are not going on foreign service. The majority of these new recruits have already joined the regiment at Newbury, and the others will follow in a few days. The list will be kept open as it is desired to raise the total recruits to about 200;

Mr H. E. Collier, Managing Director of Sladden & Collier Ltd, Evesham wrote to the County Council to put his case against shortening licensing hours: His reason was because 'so many men have gone to fight for their country that licensees have lost quite a third of their trade';

The standard height of recruits is raised to 5 feet 6 inches, chest measurement 35 and a half inches