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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

11th September 1914 - Malvern Chums Company

Pte. William Ewart Gladstone Smith 8919 2nd Batt. killed

2nd Batt: Marched at dawn as part of the Advanced Guard, 2nd Division. Billetted at Beaugneaux for the night ;

3rd Batt: Billetted at Grand Rozoy.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: Just over £2800;

Major Reddie announced a grant of 10s to any recruit who took a decent pair of boots, an overcoat, and a respectable suit of clothes;

Send off for Malvern recruits: 80 recruits who had volunteered for service in the Chums' Company of the Worcs Regt, left Malvern for Worcester. They had a rousing send-off;

The very poor are doing their part for our brave defenders: OAP Mrs Lampitt of St Clements contributed a number of surgical bandages 'as perfectly rolled as if they had been turned out by a regular manufacturer.' They had been made by the donor, who was over 90 years old, out of strips torn from the edges of sheets which she has in use! 'A resourceful and patriotic old lady, to whom every son of faithful Worcester would like to take off his hat!"