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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

4th September 1914 - Call for motor-cars for use as ambulances

2nd Batt: Marched to take up defensive position at La Grosse. At 8pm moved 6 miles SW and took up outpost position. The order to Divisional Cavalry to cover them at 4am failed and they were left to retire 2.5 hours after the rest of the Army.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £2500;

The Military Authorities were purchasing large quantities of farm and market garden produce for the use of troops throughout the country;

Pte Joseph Sibley, a reservist of the 3rd Worcs Regt, who had been in the fierce fighting at Mons, wrote to his sister, "There were only 400 of us left out of 1200 and the others were cut up". Norton Depot said, with reserve, that this information applied to only a few casualties in the Regiment;

About 50 girls and boys, pupils at Brockhampton schools held a concert to provide garments for wounded soldiers. A sum of £15 2s 2d was raised;

Fruit growers and market gardeners were complaining of the low prices of fruit and vegetables: There is not the usual brisk demand for fruit for the big industrial districts and the inability of the railway companies to guarantee prompt delivery has been bad for trade;

In order to facilitate the rapid and easy removal of the sick and injured from the railway stations etc., we wish to employ as far as possible motor-cars, which can, with little trouble and delay, be transformed into efficient motor ambulances. The necessary apparatus, similar to that devised by me and shown in use at our recent inspection, is now ready to be attached to a suitable chassis. The cars should be of 15 or 16 h.p., have a long wheel base, and a chassis frame, which alone is required, should have an outside width measurement of 4ft. 6in to 4ft. 8in. Other motor passenger vehicles without adaptation will be required for transport of less serious cases…Needless to say, all possible care will be taken to prevent damage to the cars while in our use. The regular chauffeur should be in charge of each car for V.A.D. use. C.HIGHET, M.O., 44, Barbourne Road, Worcester