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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 46

20th September 1914 - Worcestershire Battalions in attack

Killed from 2nd Battalion: Pte. Arthur Ashford 8362; Pte. William Baker 8447; Pte. William Thomas Baker 11327; Pte. Ernest William Brigden 12737; Pte. Charles Bright 9360; Pte. Walter Cooper 8836; Pte. William Francis Crust 10059; Pte. Herbert William Dodd 6632; Pte. Henry Dyke 8661; Pte. James French 11174; Pte. Patrick Francis Hackett 11196; Pte. Joseph Hartland 9721; Pte. William Harvey 7717; Pte. John Hayes 7814; Lt. Aubrey Wells Hudson; Pte. William Frederick Hyde 8080; Pte. Aaron Jones 9459; Pte. Job Ernest Jones 11231; Pte. William Frederick Jones 9395; Pte. Thomas James Lissimore 8580; Sgt. George Henry Mason 7572; Pte. Thomas John Mason 204133; Pte. Herbert George Pass 8640; L/Cpl. George Peach 8316; Pte. Frank Pollard 8764; Pte. Frank Price 9394; Pte. Henry Ridgewell 10025; Pte. Arthur Smith 8393; L/Cpl. Arthur Joseph Smith 9238; Pte. Mark Frederick Smith 9923; Pte. Thomas Francis Sparrow 8116; Pte. George Taylor 10159; Pte. William Thomas 8714; Pte. Albert Turner 9030; Pte. Harry Watts 10118; L/Cpl. John Willmott 9341; Pte. Arthur William Young 12037; 

3rd Battalion: Pte. Thomas Bate 9544; Lt. Herbert James Graham Gilmour; Pte. John Henry Greenway 13346; Pte. Edwin Hardy 9076; Lt. Cyril Cazalet Harrison; Pte. Jesson Haywood 7398; Lt. Claude Henry; L/Cpl. John Hough 13029; Pte. Edwin Mansell 7482

2nd Batt: Infantry fire supported by Heavy Artillery continued during the day. A & B Companies ordered to attack Germans on right front of 1st Kings. Pushed through dense wood, shrapnel, machine gun and rifle fire. Ambushed by considerable numbers of Germans, losses heavy, all officers killed or wounded , 16 missing;

3rd Batt: Trenches Vailly: Firing commenced at dawn, Wet night, heavy shelling, and further casualties. Germans broke through right flank of Brigade. 37 wounded about 30 missing,

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £3100:

The Military and the Corporation: Alderman Walter Caldicott reported that the military authorities had taken 5 Corporation horses at an agreed price of £281: The Corporation had had 22 years of service out of the horses and lost £12 on the transaction. The military also took one of the water-carts and 5 sets of harness;

The Worcester doctors have shown their patriotism during the past 7 weeks by examining, without any professional fee, the whole of the recruits who have joined the Territorials and other corps in the city. Altogether some 1000s have been examined and one doctor had over 500 through his hands;

The Committee of West Malvern Football Club has decided to abandon play for the season, as since the outbreak of War, almost every playing member has been accepted for active service.