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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

10th September 1914 - 8th Battalion 'full'!

2nd Batt: Pursuit of the Germans continued.Heavy artillery fire. 6th Infantry Brigade heavily engaged. Reached Monnes [sic], shelled but no loss;

3rd Batt: Billets and Bivouac at Montemafroy.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £2800;

Worcester Soldier and Bursting Shell: William Mantle (3rd Batt.) wounded in his back and legs when a German shell burst 10 yards away. His landlady, Mrs Wilkes, had 3 sons and another lodger serving at the Front, making 5 from one house;

15 Belgian refugees housed at Droitwich: Mr Stanton Ferry of the Royal Hotel is host to some, others are at Upperford with Mr & Mrs J.V. Wall;

Jellicoe's Pills: A member of the crew of HMS Sappo had written to his sister Mrs. H. Severne, St Stephen's Street, Barbourne 'jocularly remarking tht Jellicoe's pills and Churchill's sauce was much better than German sausage';

Worcestershire’s 5,000 Recruits – Remarkable Progress. There was another big day at Norton Barracks on Thursday, nearly 500 recruits arriving from all parts of the county. This brought the total number of recruits to Kitchen’s Army from Worcestershire to about 5,000. This number is in addition to the several hundred of Territorials recruited since the war started, and also it does not include such corps as the Old Public School Corps, which 68 men from Worcestershire had joined up to this morning;

8TH BATTALION FULL - On Thursday about a dozen men were required to complete the 250 wanted to bring the 8th Battalion up to full strength. The Redditch draft, consisting of 53 men, arrived this morning. The last eight came from Birmingham. The showed their earnestness by paying their own railway fares to Worcester.