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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

27th September 1914 - War Office cuts bus service in Malvern

3rd Battalion: L/Cpl. Thomas Reid 9573 killed

2nd Batt: in billets at La Cour des Moines to rest and refit. Employed entrenching a second position. Standing by ready to reinforce. (From 22-28 Sept);

3rd Batt: Augy: received orders to stand at arms and march to Bois Anciennes on reports of Germans crossing by Conde bridge. Reports false. Battalion returned to billets at Augy.

Pte F Hemming of the 2nd Worcs Regt has been invalided home from the war but expects to return in a few days. He has brought back with him several interesting relics, including a charred bit of a plane. A German aeroplane was shot down by rifle fire on the first day of the Mons battle. Pte Hemming said, "I shall never forget the thud with which it crashed to the ground. “Just before the aeroplane was brought down he received a bullet through the rim of his service hat, and a lump of shrapnel stuck to his boot,; Cpl Berry, the first Worcester soldier to arrive in the city injured, has completed his furlough, and he expects to return to the Front next week. He was wounded in the thigh, but has now recovered.

One of the Malvern public motor 'buses has been commandeered by the War Office, with the result that the services between the Link and the Wells, and between Barnard's Greene and West Malvern, have been curtailed