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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

7th September 1914 - Mayor urges more recruits

Pte. Charles William Reeves 8975 3rd Batt. killed

2nd Batt: Marched to St Simeon, following retiring German Column. Bivouacked for night. A few wounded and dead Germans lying in the village.

The Worcester City Relief Fund: £2720 including £100 from Messrs Hill Evans;

Mr E. Smith, 28 Dolday, had 3 sons in the Worcs Regts: Edward (2nd Worcs), Charles (5th Batt), Ernest (Territorials). Edward had been wounded when he came under fire at Mons;

Major Eric Knight MP, in charge of the Yeomanry HQ said of recruits, "They are of the best", a large proportion were farmers' sons or farmers who had either had to dispose of their farms, or leave them in charge of somebody else to enable them to join;

Worcester, 7th September, 1914 We have received the following letter and list of names from the Mayor (Ald. Leicester), and the Secretary of the Worcester Recruiting Committee : -Sir, - In the letter which you were kind enough to print last week, attention was called to the large number of eligible young men in Worcester who had failed to answer their country’s call to join Lord Kitchener’s Army. The citizens will be glad to learn that there has now been a most generous response to the call, and that a considerable number have given in their names as ready to join one or other of the arms of the service. It is only fair that these patriots should be known, and we shall be glad if you will publish their names. The recruiting office has been removed to the Guildhall, where, it is hoped, the remaining eligible young men will register their names without delay. - Yours truly Herbert Leicester, Mayor, H FitzClarence, Hon Secretary Recruiting Committee