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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 3

23rd September 1914 - Allies' flags to fly at the Guildhall

Killed: Cpl. Henry John Staunton 10555, 2nd Batt.; Pte. Frederick Avery 6983; Pte. Frank Lucas 13016 - both 3rd Batt.

2nd Batt: in billets at La Cour des Moines to rest and refit. Employed entrenching a second position. Standing by ready to reinforce. (From 22-28 Sept);

3rd Batt: Occupying outpost position at Chassemy.

Flags at the Guildhall: Several persons have asked that the flags of the Allies should be hoisted on the Guildhall: Today the flags of England, Russia, France and Belgium were attached to a wire drawn across the front of the building; Suspended from wing to wing in front of the Guildhall, the 4 flags 'make a pleasing and effective display.'

Pte W Griffiths 8608 of the Worcs Regt had his 'baptism of fire' at the Battle of Mons when he was 'under shell and rifle fire for 8 hours.' His regiment had marched 217 miles in 10 days;

To the


with Staunch, Brave Hearts




To protect the World from Military Aggression and Oppression

and to Save Yourselves also;

'Not all young men to be seen in the streets merit the stigma of the white feather, about which we have heard so future those who have volunteered, but have been refused, will be able to wear a gilt 'V' - the emblem which shows that they did answer the call, but had not the satisfaction of giving the service they had hoped to give.'