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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 3

18th September 1914 - Queen sends comforts for soldiers

Killed: Capt. Martin Raymond Carr; Pte. Victor Joseph Meese 10065 []; 2/Lt. Frederick Fleming Smythe - all 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment

2nd Batt: Remained in advanced positions during the day. Very heavily bombarded, German shells 'practically enfillading our dug outs'. 2 more officers killed by shell fire and literally buried by the explosion, had to be dug out. Other casualties, another killed and 5 wounded;

3rd Batt: Trenches Vailly: Intermittent and sometimes heavy shelling all day.

There were now 1500 recruits at Norton Barracks of which 500 would go to form the new Worcestershire Battalion, the '11th';

8th Worcs training: The farmer on whose land the Worcestershire companies are quartered, kindly gave them a football, many strenuous games have been played on a large, flat field at the farm;

Sister Denham, the Worcestershire School children's inspector, had been captured in Belgium and was stated to be a prisoner of war in the hands of the Germans: She is reported to be quite safe and is engaged in nursing German wounded.;

HM the Queen has kindly forwarded to the Worcestershire Territorial Association a quantity of clothing and comforts for members of the Force now serving