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Key dates over September 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 18

19th September 1914 - Heavy shelling and more casualties

Killed: Pte. Stephen Clarke 7797 (2nd Battalion); Pte. Henry Edward Allen 13385; Pte. Leonard Bennett 11906; Pte. Thomas Brown 13044; Pte. William Bryant 12307; Pte. James Burrows 10028; Pte. Thomas William Facer 13299; Pte. Cornelius Guerin 8006; L/Cpl. Albert Hay 9003; L/Cpl. William Kain 8351; Pte. Philip Morley 10466; Pte. Thomas Morley 9101; Pte. Lloyd Nutt 7820; Pte. John Postans 13386; Pte. William Richards 12115; Cpl. Albert Wainwright 11525; Pte. George Wheaton 8839; Pte. Albert Rupert Wright 7860 - all 3rd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment

2nd Batt: Although in reserve, still heavily shelled. High explosives falling all around. Further casualties;

3rd Batt: Trenches at Vailly: Intermittent and sometimes very heavy shelling. Attacked about 5:30 pm, casualties 12 wounded.

Pte Chatterton of the 2nd Worcs was invalided home. He had fought in sharp action at St Quentin and was taken ill at La Fere, a victim of the attack of dysentery which had broken out amongst the troops. When interviewed by the Daily Times' representative, Pte Chatterton did not seem to have a disposition for a serious interview. He said "Oh yes, I can tell you how I captured a dozen Uhlan single-handed, and got the VC." "I say, did you really get the VC?" asked an incredulous recruit. "Rather!" returned Chatterton, assiduously polishing his buttons, "then I woke up."

Sir Archibald Charles Gibson-Craig, whose death at the front was announced by the War Office, was a brother of Mrs Cuming, of Broadheath (wife of Admiral Cuming, who has worked so strenuously in the recruiting campaign of the past few weeks).