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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 13

8th August 1915 - Casualty toll continues to rise in Gallipoli

Rolling casualty count: 2027

2nd Batt: Battalion in billets at Beuvry; 3rd Batt: In trenches near La Brique; 9th Batt. - Battle of Sari Bair - 4:15 am move to assault gully, but impeded by boulders, shrub and the mules of the Mountain Battery only advanced half a mile by dawn. The gully narrowed and men and mules were scrabbling for ground. By midday, reached end of ravine and joined the North Staffordshires and the 6th Gurkhas, confused fighting ensued with troops suffering thirst and hunger. Relieved by 9th Royal Warwickshire and 7th South Lancashire: moved into supporting position.

Lt CE Sladden, C Company, held ground all day with little support. he wrote later: "a little patch of ground at the bottom of the ravine was more packed with casualties than any spot I ever saw again. below the ravine the gully was almost impassable except by active short rushes. Crowds of wounded were killed trying to get back along it, and scores decided not to attempt it"

Note: Worcestershire archive and Archaeology Service holds letters from various members of the Sladden family ref. 705:1037

Information researched by Sue Redding