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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

28th August 1915 - Killed at breakfast

Rolling casualty count: 2241

1st Batt. Ordered to suspend work thickening parapets and at once deepen support trenches in rear of parapet to 5' deep with a fire step in front. Emplacements for machine guns selected to the M.G. officer to bring enfilade fire to bear on roads and communications trenches behind German lines.

Turkish guns fired on Worcs. Yeomanry while many men were above ground and getting breakfasts. About 30 were instantly killed or wounded including MO Captain Teichman. Maps arrived at Brigade HQ – of King's Lynn and Cromer where they had been stationed in 1914!

Sgt W Whitehouse of 1st Rifle Brigade, a resident of Cherry Orchard, Worcester, is home on leave for a short rest. On a number of occasions his gallantry has been noted by the commanding officer. Major General HFM Wilson, commanding 4th Division noted his action at Ypres [in April] in holding a trench while being bombarded. Only three men were left including Sgt Whitehouse and they ran up and down the trench to give the impression to the enemy there were more men than there actually were. The bluff continued until two companies of the Rifle Brigade were able to relieve them. He was promoted to Sergeant for this action.

A Sports Day has been held between battalions of the Worcesters and the Gloucesters encamped on Malvern Common. There were races and side shows and large numbers of spectators.