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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 118

10th August 1915 - 9th Battalion attacked by enemy rolling bombs down the hillside to burst lines

Rolling casualty count: 2156

2nd Batt: Battalion in billets at Beuvry; 3rd Batt: In trenches near La Brique. 9th Batt. At dawn, attacked by enemy rolling bombs down the hillside to burst lines, 3 hours of intense fighting. By 7am Col. Nunn killed along with most of the senior officers. Capt Rolph mortally wounded fired his revolver up the slope as he lay. Batt HQ led by Lieut Inwood brought bandoliers of ammunition and water through the firing line. Lieut Sladden led forward a party of 20 and held ground all day despite isolated and without support, behind his party the ravine was crowded with wounded and exhausted men, the upper slopes of the ravine strewn thickly with dead and wounded men.

H J Rogers has been granted 2nd Lt in the Middlesex Reg, he would have qualified to play for Worcs County Cricket team. Mr and Mrs A W Haines who live in Worcs, have 6 sons, 14 nephews and 8 other near relatives now serving in the army. About half are serving in the trenches.

Information researched by Sue Redding