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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

5th August 1915 - Beekeepers Show

Rolling casualty count: 1640

Worcestershire Beekeepers’ Show: Entries at the annual Show of the Worcestershire Beekeepers’ Association exceeded expectations considering the circumstances. The quality was superior to last year. Demonstrations in the bee tent were curtailed owing to the weather; they were given by Mr. G. Richings and Mr. S. Leadham. The Association’s challenge cup, was awarded to Miss Lloyd, of Great Witley, who gained the highest number of points;

The Last of the Koenigsberg: An officer of the Worcester associations writes:- “At last the Koenigsberg is finished. About a month ago two monitors and some aeroplanes came down here; they spent some time getting ready for the fray, and then on the 6th July they went up the river; they got to within about 16,000 yards of the Koenigsberg, and opened fire across the trees at her. They could not see her, as the trees intervened, but the aeroplanes spotted for them, and they hit her several times, but failed to finish her before dark, when they had to come out. They were only hit twice by the ‘K.,’ which was awfully lucky, as shots fell all around them, and a boat was sunk alongside them….Today the firing was much better, and they succeeded in finishing the old ‘K.’ once and for all…”;

D.C.M.’s for Worcesters: Lance-Sergt. T.V. Churches, 2nd Battalion: For conspicuous gallantry at Richebourg (May15/16 1915) In command of grenadiers, he made a very gallant and determined rush with his party in face of a devastating machine-gun fire, which killed or wounded the whole of his men, he himself being among the wounded.

Alleged Assault: Thomas Stroud, a hawker, Dolday, was summoned by Mrs. Elizabeth Hodgkins, 28, Dolday, for assault. Complainant said that she had been to see her son off to the front. She was afterwards sitting on the doorstep with a Mr. Smith, when defendant, who was the worse for drink, stood in the centre of the road and threw 30 stones at them. Some of them hit her – one on the head. She showed the Bench the scar on her head, and produced a hank of hair and three stones…Defendant, who is deaf, harangued the Court, making allegations, and despite the admonition of the Bench, talked with considerable volubility and vigour. The complainant also intervened, and for a short while the Court was overwhelmed. Eventually they adjourned the case until Monday, the Defendant left the Court still talking;

Information researched by Sue Redding