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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 365

6th August 1915 - Slaughter in second landing at Gallipoli - 4th battalion takes heavy losses. New British landing is made at Suvla Bay, linked to an assault on the hills beyond the Australian and New Zealand position. The operations fail.

Rolling casualty count: 2005

The Gallant 4th Worcesters, how they suffered at Gallipoli: Major C.H.Seton, commander of the 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiments, writes: “I shall be obliged if you would kindly insert in your paper the attached return, which shows the exact strength of the 4th Battalion on its leaving England, and the actual strength of all ranks of those who are at present serving with the Battalion, and who were with it when it left England. I feel quite sure that this will be an interesting piece of information in order to show what the Battalion has been through, and how it has suffered since its arrival on the Gallipoli Peninsular.” “After nearly 3 months of hard fighting, the Battalion was sent to Lemnos for a rest, I have made a very careful check. The numbers of men that are left who have been with the Battalion the whole time follow, the original strength of the Battalion in brackets: Officers 2 (27); warrant officers (1st class), 1 (1); warrant officers (2nd class), 2 (5); sergeants, 17 (47); corporals, 7 (33); lance-corporals, 28 (120); drs and privates,152 (768) ; total officers etc 209 (1,001).;

Information researched by Sue Redding