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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

19th August 1915 - German aeroplanes over 2nd battalion trenches

Rolling casualty count: 2211

1st Batt. Joined the 2/Northamptons and took over one more trench from the Black Watch to the Convent wall. 3rd Batt: In trenches near La Brique, relieved night 19/20. 2nd Batt. 'B' company fired at a German observation balloon, range 2,700 yds, the balloon was immediately lowered. Three German aeroplanes were seen near our lines; one came right over and was heavily shelled and fired at so that it turned back.

TO THE EDITOR: Dear Sir - we desire to ask the courtesy of your columns to bring to the notice of the people of Worcestershire the claims of the Comfort Fund of the Worcestershire Regiments. This fund was organised by Mrs Wodehouse and other ladies of the Regiment and has already sent "comforts" to our County Regiments serving with the Expeditionary Forces. Each unit receives every week 4,500 cigarettes, two 11lb parcels of comforts and one or two 56Ib cases. The comforts sent to the troops consist of shirts, socks, sweets, cigarettes, cigarette papers, stationary and pencils, , candles, bootlaces, handkerchiefs, vaseline, boracic powder, lemonade powder, matches, chocolate, condensed milk, braces, soap and brushes. The fund is recognised officially by the military authorities and the County Territorial Association. Yours faithfully, Lord Lieut R C Temple Chairman of the Worcestershire Territorial Association