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Key dates over August 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

3rd August 1915 - Drunk appears for 88th time

Rolling casualty count: 1638

1st Batt: Holding Section II trenches from 25 to Convent Wall. The whole of tour very quiet. Platoons of 10 attached for 24 hrs in trenches ; 2nd Batt: (3-14 Aug) Battalion in billets at Beuvry; 3rd Batt: In Bivouac 1 mile N. of Dickebusch, relieved 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers on night 3/4th, relief completed 12.30am on 4th; Royal Field Artillery: Authie: 1st and 3rd Batteries registered zones. 2nd Battery Training.

The Torrential Rainfall: During Monday and up to 8 o’clock this morning the rainfall measured at at the Waterworks was no less than 1.5 inches. The rainfall from 9am yesterday till 9 am today (measured at St. John’s Boys’ School) was 1.81 inches;

Cyclone Storm: Damage in St. John’s: The residents of St. John’s were alarmed shortly after 8 o’clock yesterday morning by the effects of what appeared to be a cyclonic wind, which did a considerable amount of damage. People, hearing a loud crackling of trees, which some liken to the engines of heavy motors and others to the roar of aeroplanes, ran out of their houses, when they saw branches of trees, corrugated roofing, and other things being whirled in the air at the speed of 20 or 30 miles an hour. The most remarkable feature of the whirlwind was its purely local character. It apparently started on the lower land lying behind Bromwich Lane, and its effects were confined to a radius of 20 yards in width extending from that point, across the New Road meadow, to Henwick towards the Martley Road. Within this track it did a good deal of damage to fruit and other trees. Half of the top of a big elm standing in Swanpool Walk was carried away, and one big branch, two feet thick and ten in length, fell into the fruit garden of Mr. J. Watkins. It crashed on to a shed, luckily flying over two stables in which horses were housed;

Summer School at Malvern: A Summer School, in connection with the Worcester and Gloucester Sunday School Diocesan Association, was opened at Holy Trinity Parish Hall this morning. There are about 150 students, two having come from New Zealand. The School is for Sunday and day school teachers, and others interested in religious education;

D.C.Ms for Worcesters: Col-Sergt. E. Welch, 2nd Battalion: For conspicuous gallantry and ability on May 17, 1915, at Richebourg. When in charge of a Maxim gun he behaved with great gallantry and coolness in keeping his gun in action in a very exposed position, and under a very heavy shell fire. The portion of the breastwork on his right and left was evacuated on account of heavy losses, but Sergt-Major Welch kept his gun in action until relieved on the night of May 18-19;

His 88th Appearance: John Swann (57), general dealer, Rack Alley, Dolday, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly in Dolday. He became so violent when taken into custody that he had to have his hands handcuffed behind his back. Defendant said that he had some friends from Newcastle, and had some drink, from which he had abstained for some time. The Chief Constable said that Swann had been before the Court 87 times. The last occasion was in August last. The Bench sent defendant to prison for 14 days.

Information researched by Sue Redding