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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

3rd October 1914 - First troops leave Canada and Newfoundland to continue their training in Britain

2nd Batt: Still entrenched north of Soupir under enemy fire;

3rd Batt: Billetted at Grand Rozoy.

Worcestershire Artillery want saddles: 2nd South Midland Home Service Brigade, RFA, desire the loan of a dozen saddles. Possibly farmers and others would be willing to lend these, and they would be taken care of and returned in as good condition as when lent;

Army Contracts for local firm: We are informed that Messrs Stewarts Clothiers Ltd, The King's Tailors, have been successful in securing the contract for the Khaki Clothing for Lord Durham's new battalion of Durham Light Infantry;

Red Cross Motor Ambulances: A considerable number of Red Cross motor ambulance cars passed through the city yesterday, and others have gone through today. They are new cars, and are proceeding directly to the Front;

At Kidderminster Police Court, the Chief Constable said that next week a body of soldiers, about 1000 strong, would be coming to Kidderminster for training in the 7th Worcs Territorial Reserve Battalion. Col. Wheeler, in charge, was of the opinion that the public houses in the borough should be closed earlier than at present. It was agreed that the public houses would close at 9:30 pm;

Information researched by Sue Redding