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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 1

16th October 1914 - Battalion fought at Richebourg St Vaast, in the Battle of La Bassee.

Rolling casualty count: 191

2nd Batt: Arrived Hazebrouck 4:30 and marched to billets at Morbecque.

3rd Batt: Advanced via St Vaast to crossroads at Neuve Chapelle, through Bois de Biez and occupied line on east side.

Owing to the war, and the financial position of the Madresfield Agricultural Club, there having been a loss of about £220 on the Show, the Committee have decided not to hold a ploughing competition this season. . . . The Committee of the Club are anxious to give girls, as well as youths, an opportunity to learn the art of milking. The Quarterly says :- “There is a distinct shortage of milkers in this area, and now that so many young men are away serving their country, this shortage may become acute. It is hoped that this offer to girls may be strongly taken up, and if necessary a class could be formed. In many counties it is the custom for women and girls to milk.”

An ambulance train taking wounded from Southampton, where they were landed, to Birmingham, passed through Shrub Hill Station on Friday afternoon, waiting there for about ten minutes. All who were on the station were filled with pity for the wounded fellows, and cigarettes and chocolates were given to those who were well enough to lean out of the carriage windows. The soldiers, some of whom had lost limbs, others bandaged about the arms or head, occupied small neat-looking beds, and were attended by Red Cross men. There were about a hundred of them altogether, including members of the Highland regiments. Several nurses of the Worcester Infirmary were on the station, and talked with the men. This was the fourth batch of wounded to be taken to the 1st Southern Military Hospital set up at the University buildings at Bournbrook.

Information researched by Sue Redding