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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

9th October 1914 - 9th day in the trenches under fire

2nd Batt: Still entrenched north of Soupir. Received more attention from the enemy's artillery. One man wounded by shrapnel. Brigade HQ shelled again, the cook being killed.

3rd Batt: 12:25am marched to Reqnaville into billets. Left at 4pm for Pernes.

Postal inconvenience: Alderman AH Constance had arranged a smoking concert to entertain the soldiers in the Public Hall, and the Mayor presided. Among those who promised to give their services were Miss Oliver, Messrs LG Winter, Walter Pike, A Quarterman, WE Downes, and H Large. Member of the Yeomanry Band played selections. The crowd had a very enjoyable time, and they expressed their appreciation of the effects of the promoter and their delight in the programme in unstinted fashion. There were many encores, the cheering being vociferous in the extreme. Mr Ernest Downes sang the stirring "Land of Hope and Glory" and it was taken up with inspiring fervour by the military. Mr LG Winter played popular songs on the organ, including what may now be well-described as the soldiers' marching son, "It's a long way to Tipperary" and the men sang it with gusto - or"double fortissimo", as the Yorkshireman said;

A plump little pumpkin of about the intrinsic value of 3d was sold and re-sold the other day at Pershore Co-operative Market till no less than £2-5s-8d was realised for the Prince of Wales’s War Relief Fund. The last buyer gave 5s for it.

Information researched by Sue Redding