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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 15

28th October 1914 - Eight recruits join Veterinary Corps

Rolling casualty count: 318

2nd Batt: Gheluvelt: The 5th Infantry Brigade were ordered to attack, passing through the trenches of the Berkshires. The Battalion was in support and occupied supporting trenches;

3rd Batt: La Quinque Rue: a disturbed night, attacks at midnight, 3:30am and dawn but attacks not pushed. Shelling commenced about 7am. Night attack at 9:30pm not pushed. Rest of night more or less quiet.

Buffaloes Entertain Military: Last night, at the Ewe and Lamb Hotel, the ‘Sir Thomas Lawson’ Lodge of Buffaloes gave a concert for the benefit of the military members of the Lodge and their friends. It was in every way a success, there being a very large attendance of members, both in mufti and khaki. Primo E Philp presided, and Mr Smith was Vice-Chairman. They were supported by the Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. The ladies too were showing a magnificent spirit. Not only were they sending their husbands and sons to be soldiers, but they were devoting their time and ability for the benefit of the men, and were rendering splendid help. It was the duty of every citizen to see that everything was done for those whom their friends left behind, and if some of their friends returned not quite so capable as before they must be taken care of. It would be no credit to England to win this war if she forgot now or henceforth the men who had won it for her;

Nearly 80 Belgian refugees are now accommodated at Malvern. 27 are under the care of the Link Committee. One man is being treated at the Sanatorium. His condition was aggravated by exposure and the hardships he underwent, but under the careful treatment which he is having, he is making capital progress. It is amusing to note the colloquial expressions which the Belgians are beginning to pick up and one was overheard to express his opinion of the Kaiser in the words, “He is – what you call – dotty – a little bit off ze top”;

A party of 8 recruits left Worcester this afternoon to join the Army Veterinary Corps at Leamington. They were in charge of QMS P G White, of Worcester. It will be remembered that a detachment of this Corps went to Leamington several weeks ago. The latest party are to take the places of men who have been transferred to Newbury

Information researched by Sue Redding