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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

12th October 1914 - Alien arrested in Bromsgrove

2nd Batt: Still entrenched north of Soupir under enemy fire.

3rd Batt: Left Lannoy to join the rest of the 7th Brigade at Hinges and then to Lacoutre.

2nd Lt Roger J F Chance, 4th Dragoon Guards, has been recommended for a French decoration in the action at Audregnies, near Mons, when the 4th Dragoons and 9th Lancers charged against the enemy's unbroken lines of infantry and artillery. Lt Chance was struck during the charge, but his collar badge saved him from injury. He is the eldest son of Mr G F Chance, a form High Sheriff of Worcestershire;

Letter from R C Temple, Chairman Worcs Territorial Association:

The Territorial Association is authorised to supply their men with Cardigan jackets, woollen drawers and worsted caps, but shirts and socks are badly wanted as well, to replace those they possessed on the outbreak of war. There is a further need of warm caps, comforters, and gloves and mittens. A large supply of wool suitable for socks or comforters has been purchased by a small fund which is already nearly depleted...It will be gladly distributed to those who will kindly undertake to convert it into the articles needed. Applications for wool for working up and gifts in money or kind, should be sent to the Secretary, TA, 16 Silver St, Worcester;

Mr G R Spragg, of the Worcester Post Office, who is well known in local amateur theatrical services left Worcester on Monday afternoon for Aldershot. Mr Spragge is not eligible for the fighting forces, and, in consequence, joined the RAMC. He has volunteered for service at the front. Mr Spragg is well-known in this part of the country as being a keen Shakespearean.

Speaking of the arrest of an alien at Bromsgrove, the Chairman said that was one of those little things in which the County was badly used. The Home Office informed them that an undesirable alien was in the district, and, on their suggestion the man was arrested, and the Bromsgrove Bench made an order for his detention. Then, at the instigation of the Home Office, he was taken to Dorchester under guard of 2 policemen. The cost of the Journey was £3-6s-6d, and the Chief Constable applied to the War Office for the return of the money, but they said they were not liable. The Chairman said that, naturally, they wanted to arrest an undesirable alien but it was a little mean that the Government should make the cost fall on the County Fund. It was not encouraging patriotism;

Information researched by Sue Redding