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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

4th October 1914 - Belgian refugees at Malvern Link

2nd Batt: Still entrenched north of Soupir under enemy fire;

3rd Batt: Long and tiring night march via Fertemilon to billets at Coyolles.

About 18 Belgian refugees are due to arrive at Malven Link. A comfortable hostel has been furnished in an empty house in the Colston buildings, and negotiations are in progress for the rental of another, which will no doubt be prepared and occupied in due course;

Rev H C B Roden, curate of St George's, has received a letter from his sister, a member of the Russian Imperial Ballet, at present playing in London. She sends him a copy of the German mobilisation order in which the earliest date is Aug 2. At the time war was declared, the Ballet were playing at Frankfort [sic]. The company included 2 Russian reservists. They had to be extremely cautious, and the Company had to change its name. The mobilisation order was published in the "Frankfarter Nachrichten" and MIss Boden incurred grave peril by carrying it among her belongings;

Brine Baths for Invalided Soldiers and Sailors: it has been suggested to the proprietors of the Droitwich Brine Baths that they might give facilities, for the use of the baths to officers who have been invalided in the course of the war. This they are ready to do, and they have reason to believe that many, especially those suffering from exposure, will receive great benefit. They consider it their duty to enable men as well as officers to receive the same benefits. They therefore wish it to be known that all soldiers and sailors who may be invalided during the war, and for whom the baths may be prescribed, may have them free of charge.

Information researched by Sue Redding