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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 0

14th October 1914 - First Canadian and Newfoundland troops arrive in Britain

Rolling casualty count 183

2nd Batt:Marched via Soupir-St Mard-Vauxtin to Vauxcere, arrived 4:30 am into billets, caves etc with the remainder of the 5th Infantry Brigade. At 4:30 pm marched from Vauxcere to Fismes, entrained at 9pm. Destination still unknown:

3rd Batt: Lacoutre: sent out patrols and by 8am had 2 Companies occupying Richebourg St Vaast. Supported them later by remainder of the Battalion, entrenched during the night.

At the central market at Evesham, Messrs. F Watkins, F R Hale and C H Jones started a little effort to provide cigarettes and tobacco for the soldiers, which met with great success. The purchased 2 big cauliflowers, decorated them with the flags of the Allies, and asked Mr Beck to offer them for sale on behalf of the fund for the soldiers. One of the cauliflowers was taken away after realising a few shillings, but the Auctioneer had a busy time with the other one. It was sold over and over again for 2s or 3s, and the purchaser always put it up for sale again, and sometimes bought it back himself. At the end of the market, £12-3s-6d had thus been raised for the soldiers, and the cauliflower was still in the hands of the Auctioneers;

Mr Arthur Carlton, the Lessee of the Theatre Royal, and Mr E J Nicholls, the Manager of ‘The Arcadian’s,’ invited the Belgian refugees now resident in Worcester to witness the performance of the musical comedy on Friday evening, and they appeared to enjoy it. This afternoon a similar invitation was extended to all the wounded Belgians now in the Infirmary who might be well enough to attend.

Information researched by Sue Redding