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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 2

25th October 1914 - Heavy artillery fire pins troops in the trenches

Rolling casualty count: 292

2nd Batt: Gheluvelt: General advance ordered at 11am. 4th Guards Brigade went through the line, 5th Brigade in Divisional Reserve. Spent rest of the day in the trenches under heavy artillery fire and rifle fire as usual. A pouring wet night - no protection whatever. Advance held up.

3rd Batt: La Quinque Rue: Very heavy sniping and shelling. During night enemy advanced trenches closer.

Mr Arthur Roberts handed over 11s to the Worcester Relief Fund, proceeds of the sale of a patriotic song, ‘The Call’, which had been sung by one of the members of the company at the Theatre Royal last week;

A letter was received by Mrs Bowcott of 20 Townsend Street, Barbourne, this afternoon, from the War Office, stating that her son, Pte Harry G Bowcott of the 2nd Worcs, had died of wounds received in action on 14 Sept. She also received a letter from the King and Queen in her bereavement. Pte Bowcott had been in the Army for 12 years and his term of service would have expired at Christmas. Writing to his sweetheart in Worcester, he said that he had every confidence that he would win through, but if he fell he hoped she would marry someone else;

Alien Enemies Arrested in Worcester: The only two Germans of fighting age resident in Worcester were arrested, and they were sent this morning to Newbury, where they will be interned. They have been arrested under the general order directed against all Germans and Austrians of fighting age, these measures are purely precautionary, there being no evidence that either has been engaged in any suspicious work against the laws of his adopted country. Both had married Worcester women and each leaves his wife and children behind. Both families are in relatively poor circumstances and they may require local relief before long. There are other Germans in Worcester, but they are over military age.

The ‘Chums’ Company of the 8th Worcs Regt, received a splendid send-off from Malvern, when they entrained for Worcester, where they are billeted, for training. The platform was crowded, about 150 men leaving.

Information researched by Sue Redding