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Key dates over October 1914

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Lives lost on this day: 5

22nd October 1914 - First wounded taken in at St. Johns Home, Malvern

Rolling casualty count: 261

2nd Batt: Furious bombardment all day. Several attacks on different parts of the line throughout whole day and night. A VERY trying ordeal for all concerned. Suffered a few more casualties;

3rd Batt: Le Hue: Withdrew to position of Bois de Biez. and moved to reinforce Rue de Marais. Attack which was made in conjuction with Manchester attack from right flank was unable to secure village.

The Worcester Relief Fund: £4000: A further contribution of £100 has been received from the Soldiers and Sailors Association;

The address by the Dean of Worcester which was intended to have been given today at the Public Hall, on “Alcohol and Military Efficiency” has been unavoidably postponed, but the Dean hopes to make arrangements to deliver the address to recruits at no distant date; The first contingent of wounded British soldiers arrived at Malvern on Wednesday. The local branch of the Red Cross Society were asked if they could accommodate 12 men. They replied in the affirmative. Wounded soldiers arrived at Malvern Link, all were able to walk from the train, some were lame, some were wounded in the arms. Motor cars conveyed the soldiers to St John’s home, Hornyold Road, which Mrs Williams has placed at the disposal of the Red Cross Society;

Offer of free war lectures: Some time ago the Chairman of the ‘Relief of Distress Fund’ suggested that meetings should be held throughout the County for the purpose of explaining and discussing matters related to the war. This has now been acted upon, and most successfully carried out. It is proposed that a series of free lectures, written by the well-known war correspondent, Mr F Mackenzie, be given throughout the district, where possible by someone well-known in the district where they are held. The only thing asked is that some hall, school, or other suitable room will be provided for the lectures.

Information researched by Sue Redding