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Key dates over October 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 16

26th October 1918 - General Erich Ludendorff resigns as the German army's Chief Quartermaster General

Rolling casualty count: 11304

War Front:

1st Batt: From dusk, 2 Coys were working on a scheme of out-posts, when orders were received to send out patrols to find out where the enemy was. After this patrol had gone, orders received to establish ourselves in the enemy`s system. A Coy did the patrol and established themselves in Arleux Loop South. D Coy then followed and bombed to the South. Very serious opposition was met with in Severn Alley, where a block was made and this position was held.

2nd Batt: Platoon training carried out in billets as it was so hot. Orders received that The Batt would be moving on the 27th August.

4th Batt: The 1st Border Reg relieved the Batt in the right sector of the Brigade Front. Batt moved back to camp near La Kreule, the Diamond Troupe Camp.

Home Front:

Women and The Vote – Worcester Women’s Temperance Association – A meeting organised by the Worcester Branch of the British Women’s Temperance Association was held at the Co-operative Hall on Tuesday evening, when addresses were given on “Women and the Vote”. The Chairman said the British Women’s Temperance Association was in no sense a party political association; it was above party politics, and its aim was the betterment of the nation. After the War there would be tremendous problems to be solved, and all who had the vote must use their influence rightly in recording their votes. Women’s consideration of great measures would be shown in the way they recorded their votes. In a large number of municipal matters, a great many people who had the vote did not use it – in Worcester the proportion was very large.

The Influenza Epidemic – Several Deaths in Worcester – Worcester is having its fair share of the influenza re-visitation. The cases are more numerous and more severe than in July. As the disease is not notifiable, the exact total number of sufferers or of victims is not in the possession of any official. But it is common knowledge that all the doctors are obliged to work at the highest pressure, and it is stated that the death toll numbers about a dozen during the week, either from acute influenza or resulting pneumonia. All the elementary schools excepting that at Cherry Orchard, have now been closed. That district is comparatively free. Unfortunately, some families in the city have suffered heavily, three or four members being attacked. In one case which has come to our notice, the head of a family and also another adult are lying in bed in two rooms, whilst a child is lying dead in another. The scourge is so prevalent that it might almost rank with a plague in long past days.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team