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Key dates over October 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 10

19th October 1918 - Restitution Suit

Rolling casualty count: 11188

War Front:

2nd Batt: Coys held kit inspections. There was a cricket match between the officers of the Batt and the 16th KRRB. We won by 10 wickets.

4th Batt: Our artillery responded to an SOS call at 11 am. At 5 pm the 86th brigade with the 31st Division, took part in a minor operation with complete success. All objectives were taken, advancing the Line beyond Labis Farm. One officer and 1 CO per Coy went forward to inspect the Sector held by the 2nd SW Borderers with a view to relieving them on the 20th.

Home Front:

Worcester Farmers’ Union – Meat Prices: Abundance of Fat Cattle – A meeting of the Worcestershire Farmers’ Union was held at the Star Hotel on Monday. At a previous meeting it was decided to approach the Food Controller pointing out that although the price of meat was to be increased to the consumer by 2d per lb, neither the farmer nor the butcher were to benefit, and protesting in these circumstances to any increase in price.

Restitution Suit – Formerly A Resident in Worcester – Mr Justice Roche in the Divorce Court today, granted Mrs Nora Bromley Challenor a decree of restitution of conjugal rights. Petitioner said that she married her husband Mr Frank Bromley Challenor, an actor, at the Parish Church, Hove, on June 1st 1915. She herself was on the stage when they married, and they went together to South Africa with a touring company. In 1916, having returned, they were living at Worcester, her husband being in employment there. He announced one morning that he was returning to the stage and left for London the next day. He had been to see her only once since, and had omitted to send her money for the maintenance of herself and their boy. He said that he had no money; he was out of work. She had written to him asking to rejoin her or make her a home, but he had not done either.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team