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Key dates over October 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 9

17th October 1918 - Battle of the Selle. Allied troops renew their offensive in France, beginning a series of battles that force the Germans steadily back.

Rolling casualty count: 11160

War Front:

1st Batt: The enemy was quiet, indicating a withdrawal so a reconnaissance was made by B Coy down the canal bank. Lt Col FC Roberts VC was across the canal first and pushed forward to occupy Bernicourt Chateau. He then went forward to Baslier and the village was cleared of an enemy patrol of about 10 men. Passage across the canal was difficult with broken girders and only 1 man could cross at a time. B Coy occupied Bernicourt Chateau.

4th Batt: Y Coy moved to Strazeele Defence and came under the command of OC 2nd Hants Reg, to support a minor operation the 87th Brigade was carrying out with the 9th Division. X Coy went up to the Support Line on a carrying party at night.

1/8th Batt: When the Brigade moved forward it took over the sector on the right of the one previously held. The enemy kept up strong patrols to protect its front line.

Home Front:

Military Medal for Worcester Man – The Military Medal has been conferred upon Sergt E Hallwell of the Royal Field Artillery, in recognition of his gallant conduct. During operations extending over the period August 31st to September 6th 1918, this N.C.O. was in command of a gun on the armoured train and has shown the highest qualities of devotion to duty, presence of mind and indifference to danger. On one occasion, with a reduced crew, he kept his gun in action under heavy enemy fire and succeeded in forcing back the enemy armoured train. On another occasion, when communication on the train had been broken by enemy fire, this N.C.O. re-established the same under heavy fire, displaying great skill and promptitude, which had a very fine effect on the gun’s crew, who, under fire for the first time, were becoming a little unsteady. Sergt. Hallwell, of 42 Mill Street, where his wife also is living. He was in the Worcester Artillery when war broke out, and he was sent to France, where he remained for 18 months and was once gassed. In June of the present year he was sent to Russia.

County Quarter Sessions – Trial of Prisoners – Kidderminster Tailor Fined £50 – Adam Torbett (50) draper, was indicted for attempting to obtain £2.6s. by false pretences from the Paymaster General. The Jury found the prisoner guilty on both charges and was fined £50 and costs.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team