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Key dates over October 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 10

9th October 1918 - County Police Pay

Rolling casualty count: 11017

War Front:

1st Batt: The 2nd Northants reg went through the Batt and continued the advance. The Batt withdrew to Blandford, Link and Cheddar Trenches.

3rd Batt: Batt advanced some 200 yards but the flank batts could not advance. The enemy had retreated deliberately to secure a better line of defence.

4th Batt: A light field gun shelled our trenches and approaches in the early hour. Sgt Lillis of Z Coy was killed. Batt relieved by the 2nd Hants and moved back to support around Strazeele. Lt GT Uren wounded by a bullet.

1/8th Batt: Batt rested in Divisional Reserve at Granezza.

Home Front:

County Police Pay – The Standard Rate Adopted – At today’s meeting of the Worcestershire Standing Joint Committee the standard scale of police pay, provisionally fixed by the Home Office, was adopted. Under this constables start at 40s., rising to 46s., with a war bonus of 10s, sergeants will start at 53s, rising to 57s, with a 10s bonus; inspectors start at 65s, rising to 73s, after eight years’ service; and Superintendents at 90s, rising to 114s, also with 10s bonus. Mr Willis Bund stated that the cost would be £9,876 per annum, half of which would be borne by the Government, and the other half by the Home Office, so that no extra cost would fall on the county.

Prisoners of War Fund – Efforts by Battenhall Hospital Patients – On Friday the patients at Battenhall Hospital made a special effort to raise funds for the Worcestershire Prisoners of War Fund. It was uplifting to observe what intense interest the patients took in their endeavour to send comfort to their comrades in enemy hands. Those who were able to do so worked with ardour; and those who from infirmity or wounds had to lie a bed, cheered and stimulated the workers by their obvious interest in the arrangements.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team