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Key dates over August 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 6

31st August 1918 - Local Fuel Supplies

Rolling casualty count: 10479

War Front:

2nd Batt: There was training with Coys attacking on 2 platoon frontage of 400 yards. The inter platoon football match started. There was a lecture on co-operation between infantry and tanks attended by all officers and Sgts of the Brigade.

3rd Batt: Batt began to advance to recapture Lacoutre. The Batt first advanced through Lacoutre in October 1914 to capture Richenbourg St Vaast.

4th Batt: Orders received for the Batt to embus at 7pm to Bailleul to relieve the 31st Division in the Line, but these orders were cancelled at 3.15pm2Lts DL Downes and BW Warren joined the Batt for duty. It was the final of the football competition which started in Lumbres in July. The finalists were W and Y Coy and Y won by 1 goal to nil.

Home Front:

Local Fuel Supplies – What Consumers Must Do - (Special) – All the Worcester coal merchants have returned the registration forms to the Worcester Fuel Overseer, Major Frank Williams, 5 Foregate Street. The dealers (those who do not trade direct with collieries) must also return the forms this week. It is now for the general public to do their parts if they wish to ensure the ration of coal, gas and electricity, to which they are entitled under the Household Fuel and Lighting Order. Their first step is to obtain from their coal merchant or dealer (or from Major Williams) a form, issued with a notice of instructions to consumers. This shows clearly what the rationed allowance is and gives many other particulars. These forms must be returned by September 30th.

Local War Honours – Military Cross – Lieut (Actg Capt) J Graham, Worc. R., When in command of the survivors of his battalion he kept his men in hand, firing steadily and effectively at his enemy, in spite of the troops on his flank having been withdrawn. By his skilful reorganisation and fearless ness he was largely responsible for maintaining the position at a very critical period. Capt Graham, whose home is at Malvern was well known as a hockey player for the Worcester Club.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team