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Key dates over August 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 2

4th August 1918 - Employment of The Disabled

Rolling casualty count: 10298

War Front:

2nd Batt: There was a service to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the War held at Houterkerkque. The Brigade was represented by the Minimum Reserve commanded by Capt. AG Pointon AIG. Fighting patrols out at night but no enemy encountered. The Front Line was shelled and trench mortared.

4th Batt: Coys were wiring and connecting up their posts by traversed trenches. A party of 40 from Y Coy carried rations to W Coy and 40 from Z Coy carried rations to X Coy.

Home Front:

Employment of The Disabled – West Midland Scheme – Mr Willis Bund presided at a meeting of the West Midland Joint Disablement Committee, held at the Birmingham Council House. Ald James said that in conjunction with the Boot and Shoe Trade Advisory Committee, they had obtained on advantageous terms the Erdington Technical School as a training centre. It was hoped to find employment for men in the near future under the scheme. Reference was made in the report to the protest made against the action of the Board of Agriculture in deciding that the scheme for training in motor tractor work successfully launched at Wolverhampton should be abandoned. Mr Plummer said, in reference to the training of men so that they might become self- supporting and self- respecting members of the community, the first class of men they had to deal with were those who, after treatment, could go back to their former employment. The Labour Exchange was responsible for placing them and care must be had that round pegs went into round holes. At the present time there was greater consideration given to the places than the men placed, and local committees should bear in mind that the responsibility rested with them to provide not only treatment and training, but also employment for disabled men.

Worcestershire and The War – Sergeants Italian Honour – Sergt T Fox, D.C.M., of Redditch and of the Worcestershire Regt. 9T.F.0 has sent home to his wife at Redditch, the Italian Cross of Merit di Guerra, which he recently received from the hand of the King of Italy personally for gallant service on the field.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team