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Key dates over August 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 6

12th August 1918 - Fete at Thorngrove – For The Grimley Nursing Fund

Rolling casualty count: 10364

War Front:

1st Batt: Platoon and Section Schemes were practicing on the Training Ground at Villers Au Bois. Two officers and 3 OR joined the Batt.

2nd Batt: B and D Coys were working on the Green line. A party of 2 officers and 22 ORs went for a day`s holiday at Dunkerque. A musketry competition was held during the day.

4th Batt: Enemy artillery carried out heavy fire on our back areas. Y Coy was relieved from the position in Strazeele Avenue by a Coy of 2nd Royal Fusiliers and moved north of the village into the Court Croix Switch.

Home Front:

Fete at Thorngrove – For The Grimley Nursing Fund – The fete arranged on Thursday at Thorngrove, the charming residence of Sir Herbert Whiteley M.P., and Lady Whiteley, served the double purpose of raising money for the Grimley Nursing Fund, of which Lady Whiteley is the President and of providing an enjoyable social gathering for the residents of Grimley, Hallow and district. The large attendance showed that the gatherings necessarily restricted as they are by the war, are appreciated, for they supply relaxation in days when means of pleasurable excitement in the country are all too few.

County Education Committee – Proposed New City Girls’ Secondary School – A meeting at the County Education Committee was held today, Mr Willis Bund presiding. The Higher Education Sub-Committee reported that representatives of the City and County Education Authorities had provisionally agreed that if, and when, a new secondary school for girls is built in the city, the County Council will contribute the difference between the total cost and the amount received in fees and grants in proportion to the number of county students, it being understood that the management shall be in the hands of the Governors elected by the county and city in proportion of one third and two thirds respectively; that the number of county students should not be less than 100 and that this arrangement shall continue for not less than 15 years, and that the interest and repayments on the capital will not be included in estimating the total cost.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team