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Key dates over August 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 12

23rd August 1918 - Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded

Rolling casualty count: 10423

War Front:

1st Batt: The Defence Scheme was altered and it necessitated the digging of a new trench between the main Arleux Road and Tommy Alley. Another very hostile gas attack commenced resulting in casualties of 1 officer and 10 ORs. I OR was killed and 2ORs were wounded.

2nd Batt: Batt had a practice ceremonial parade outside Serques ready for the presentation of medals by the Divisional commander. The Batt was commended for excellent turn-out of all Coys and for all their past work.

4th Batt: Batt strafed by the enemy as usual in early am. At 11 am enemy sent over mustard gas on the support line area. Capt. RH Marryatt a 2Lt JLP Talbot returned to the transport lines prior to going on leave, leaving only 13 officers in the line.

Home Front:

Local War Honours – Distinguished Flying Cross – Among the awards for the Distinguished Flying Cross to officers of the R.A.F., in recognition of gallantry in flying operations against the enemy is Lieut E G Brookes. While leading a patrol of six machines, escort to a bombing formation, he drove off a patrol of 15 enemy scouts, which was about to attack the bombers, shooting down one of the scouts in flames, and so enabled the bombers to complete their task. After protecting another bombing formation from a threatened attack he escorted a third formation to and from the lines, although by that time a number of his machines were reduced to three. On the last journey two enemy triplanes attacked one of the bombers, whose observer had been killed; engaging them, he drove one down out of control and forced the others to retire. He is a skilful and fearless officer, who has done excellent work in reconnaissance and in attacking enemy troops close to the ground.

To Help Prisoners of War – County Effort to Raise £80,000 – A large and influential county meeting called by the Lord Lieutenant, was held at the Shirehall for the County Prisoners of War Fund. Lord Coventry presided. Lord Coventry, in opening the meeting said he had asked them to meet in order to consider a subject which lay close to their hearts. Last year he asked the county to ascribe £14,000 towards the fund, and the appeal resulted in the generous response of £22,630. Today he was going to asked for £80,000 in consequence of the great number of prisoners.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team