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Key dates over August 1918

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Lives lost on this day: 6

30th August 1918 - Child Drowned at Worcester

Rolling casualty count: 10473

War Front:

2nd Batt: Batt carried out platoon attacks on a wide frontage as carried out in the new fighting. There was a hockey match between officers and COs resulting in a draw.

3rd Batt: Col Whalley resumed command of the Batt.

4th Batt: All signallers paraded under Sgt Sheasby. All Platoon Commanders attended a lecture by the Brigade Major on map reading and the use of compasses.

1/8th Batt: The Batt was successful in winning both Lord Cavan`s cups, one for Bayonet fighting and one for PT. The events had taken place in between fighting duties and D Coy had lost 2 members of their team. In the competitions, 168 teams had competed. Lord Cavan said the PT was worthy of a Public School Team.

Home Front:

Child Drowned at Worcester – On Wednesday Catherine Bishop (Aged 5) of 44 Pitchcroft Lane, daughter of John Bishop, a Sapper in the R.E.’s stationed at Newport, went down to the Promenade at Pitchcroft with her brother, Joseph, aged 9. She was leaning over the edge of the bank calling to a swan, when she over balanced and fell into the water. The body was taken out about 20 minutes later by Thomas Sefton, of 18 Newport Street, and artificial respiration was tried by Mr Harding, the Waterworks Manager, and also by Dr Pollard, who was called, but without success.

St John’s Ambulance Decoration – The King has been graciously pleased to sanction the following appointments to the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England as Honorary Serving Brothers. Wm John Waite. Wm. Evison. Such is the formal manner in which a distinction of considerable significance in the Order of St John has to be announced. It relates to two Worcester men who have rendered singularly devoted service to the St John Ambulance Association.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team