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Key dates over April 1917

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Lives lost on this day: 5

10th April 1917 - General Wiggin leaves the Yeomanry Regiment

Rolling casualty count: 5790

War Front: 1st Batt: Batt relieved 2nd East Lancs in the trenches on sudden orders.

2nd Batt: All blankets were stacked in the QM stores ready for the miove. A plane landed behind our HQ owing to engine failure and was smashed up. The pilot and observer were unhurt. A snowy day.

2/8th Batt: Baths and refitting. Parties working on the roads.

4th Batt: Batt marched to Souy en Artois. On entering the village, the head of the column was held up by a party of 2000 prisoners marching to the “Corps Cage.” A message was received from Field Marshall in charge of the Corps wishing men success in the forthcoming operations. He had confidence in the high moral values and confident fighting spirit provided by the officers.

9th Batt: Enemy Turks advanced from the direction of Delj Abbas along the Nahr Khalis, so Marshall`s Column moved forward to meet the attack.

Yeomanry/Cavalry: General EA Wiggin was replaced by Brigadier-general P Fitzgerald, who had been Inspector General of Cavalry of the Egyptian Ex Force.

Gen Wiggin with his fiery energy and love for his Brigade would be missed by all .

Home Front: ONE QUARTEN LOAF PER WEEK – A Century-Old Precedent – The appeal of the Food Controller for a reduction in the consumption of bread to a quantity not exceeding 4lb a week for each person had its counter-part in 1800.

WOMEN’S LAND ARMY– Conditions of Enlisting for Work on Farms – Women desiring to join the Women’s Land Army under the National Service system, after signing a form to be obtained at any Post Office, will be selected by the District Selection and Allocation Committee of the Women’s War Agricultural Committee. If a woman is passed, it will be decided by the Committee: (1) Whether she will begin straight away as a paid worker; (2) Whether she is suitable for a bursary and will receive 15s per week; or (3) That she requires four weeks’ training at a centre.

11th HOMES FOR DISABLES SOLDIERS AND SAILORS - a Flag Day will be held on Saturday April 14th, In aid of the Mayor o Worcester’s Fund for the Sailor’s and Soldier’s Homes. Buy a Flag for the brace fellows who are fighting for us.

Information researched by The Worcestershire World War 100 team